Selling My Asshole For Blow

Gangbang blow hoe is what I am known as. I love to party, and I don’t care who knows it. If you have what I like I will give you what you want. I have done many times with many men even at the same time. When I was offered a whole lot of party favors in exchanged to get fucked in my ass, I took it. But when he pulled his cock out and I saw how big it was, I knew I had to get really high.

Anal cum dumpster

His horse size dick shoved down my throat made me gag and my eyes water. He rubbed some blow on my asshole to numb it up. When he shoved his big thick black dick, I could feel it stretching my asshole open. He fucked me hard like a horse would pound out his mare. I took it as much as I could but I one pound I fell into the bed, and he just kept pounding my ass hard into it. He jack hammered my asshole until he came all in it. He told me to wash and rest up he would be ready for more soon. He made me his Anal cum dumpster all night.  

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