Caroline’s Cunts

Teen sluts fucking


I made some pretty good money selling my skanky snatch at the laundromat the other night so I went to score a fat dope sack and when I got to the trap I walked in to find a group of teen sluts fucking my dealer.  They’re a bunch of broke trailer park bitches and they know he’ll trade product for pussy.  Naturally, I offered them all a job and added them to my roster of rotten little rim licking teen whores so they can rurn some coin and start paying for their drugs like real women do.  They’ll make great lot lizards, the truckers are willing to pay primo prices for a chance to violate their tiny, pink teenage fuck holes.  I can post a couple of them up at the liquor store, the alley out back is a great place to turn some coin and get a drunken dick down.  These sluts will lick and suck until those lushes blow streams of watery loads all over their pretty, young faces.  Tonight, we’re hitting the gas station.  The manager has a fat, uncut cock and a thing for young meat.


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