Paying debt to my dealer

anal cum dumpster

 I was late again with my payment to my coke dealer. He had been adamant that he has given me one too many chances and that I need to start being more respectable and responsible if I didn’t want to wake up with the fishes. Time and time again he would try to get his hands on my tits and work his way down my body. There was nothing more he wanted than to fuck me like a good slut. I was going to be his fucking whore If I wished to have another extension. I had no way of getting out of this. I was going to be fucked and used by my dealer. He was going to own all my holes, and he was going to cream in me, and I would have to take it. I couldn’t believe I was going to let this idiot fuck me. There I was dressed up in a tight mini skirt. Wearing black stilettos and my hair down just as he loved it. I had to strip down and let him fuck me till he was ready to stop. I couldn’t say no. He owned me the whole night like a druggy whore.

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