I said I would do Anything

Sloppy wet pussy


My boyfriend Andrew got locked up on a violation and it was tearing me up to go and see him for a few reasons. The guards were fucking pigs in every way they ogled over my ass like they were locked up it was fucking gross because I hate pigs with a passion. There are pictures of me around the prison net so the foreman knew who I was and he was the worst. Whenever I came to visit he would call me in for a talk about one of the guards who so happened to be his son. Foreman Tom is what we will call this major prick, would tell me how I should help my sorry ass boyfriend as he’d say get out of jail. I refused him a couple of times because I hate pigs so fucking much and his son was a gottdamn big country fed white boy with a racist attitude to the max. I thought about it though this day because I really wanted my man out of lockup and this was the only way. I agreed to fuck his animal angry son so I was taken to a small 200×400 ft. room with nothing but a small bed and a chair, that was it.  Everybody in the prison called the foreman’s son “Killer” and I hated him. He walked into the room and told me to stand up, he took the chair out of the room and came back in only to look at me and ask me why I was so fucking rude. Before I could say anything, he instructed me to take my clothes off, I told him he was a fucking animal and that I would never do this if not for my man’s freedom. Killer grabbed my face and told me to get naked fucking entitled bitch. He told me that he could feel me fighting the urge to ride his huge throbbing white cock, I slapped his face and he ripped my shirt off with one stroke. He said to me before slamming his tongue down my throat, “bitch don’t you fight if you want your fucking trash to be free, I’m the only only one who can make that happen.” He told me that he was going to have me in there for a while. The things this motherfucker did to me were beyond out of control.

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