Old Hot Stripper Sex

hot stripper sexWhen you think of hot stripper sex, I bet you picture a young college coed or even a mid twenties something girl. A chick with a little less miles than me. The local strip club has amateur nights on Wednesdays and I was low on cash so I marched my old cougar ass down to work the pole. I look pretty fabulous for 50. All the young boys certainly never complain. Hell, they line up at my door to fuck me in the morning when school is in session and I have to beat them off with a stick at the pool (not that I do that). Men have wanted to fuck me my entire life, so I was certain I could win a few bucks on Amateur Night. I actually got nervous when I arrived. The place was packed  with girls less than half my age. Gravity still loved them. Nothing sagged, no lines in the face, perky asses… I started doing shots and lines waiting for my turn. I got pretty fucked up.  This one guy in the club, a big VIP I guess, told the owner  of Big Al’s that he wanted a VIP room with me. The owner made me an offer I could not  refuse. Their VIP was offering me $3000 for 3 hours in the anything goes room. That was more than I would make even if I won first place. I would be like hookers for hire.  I am the daughter of a whore. I have no taboos. I accepted his money and we partied like rock stars. He had a big bowl of blow he shared with me. We exchanged incest stories. He told me all about fucking his sister when  he was younger. I reminded him of his mother and that was who he always wanted to fuck so I let him call me mommy as I rode his cock for three hours. The coke gave him a long lasting boner. It was a pretty wild time. He was older than most guys I fuck, but I loved being his mommy and he loved being my sugar daddy. He texted me this morning to see if I was up for some more fun. Fuck yes. Sex, drugs and money are what this old whore loves most.

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