Toilet Sex In A Nasty Rest Area Bathroom

toilet sex

Just because I had never tried toilet sex didn’t mean I wasn’t willing to try it. Being a trashy milf means nothing is taboo so when I stopped at a roadside rest area during a road trip, the opportunity presented itself. I had rushed into the bathroom, thinking it was the ladies room. Just as I sat down, I heard a voice speaking to me through the stall. It was a male voice asking me if I realized I was in the men’s room. I was embarrassed, but told him I would hurry and be on my way. Just then the door opened, and the gorgeous man that entered told me he couldn’t wait. before I could say a word, he had whipped out his long cock and was aiming it between my legs. When his piss splashed my pussy, I couldn’t help but be turned on. When he finished, I reached for his cock, taking it into my mouth, licking the last of the urine from his cock head before he had a chance to shake it off. I knew right away I wanted more of that yummy flavor. He must have read my mind because he was soon spraying my mouth with another large stream of that hot yellow liquid. Gulping down as much of it as I could, I knew from them on, I would be a toilet sex whore.

  When he finished pissing, I kept sucking that cock until it was nice and hard. He turned me around and bent me over the nasty commode, putting his hard cock inside of me. He fucked me from behind hard. I had never gotten the chance to piss, so I figured what the hell and let out my own golden stream, wetting his dick with my urine as he fucked me. The hot liquid must have pushed him over the edge because he soon started coming and filling my wet pussy with his seed. It was a nasty way to be introduced to the delights of toilet sex in that dirty bathroom, but being a trailer trash whore, I didn’t care. Maybe I should stop at rest stops more often.

pissing sex

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