Nose Candy

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I snorted the last of my nose candy and I wanted more. I called the dealers that I knew, but nobody had any coke. But the last dealer I called told me he was out because he had just sold a quarter kilo of cocaine to his friend, Austin. I told him to call Austin and introduce me. He called and told Austin that I was the sexiest bitch that he knew and I loved to party. I got Austin’s address and sped over there. As soon as he opened the door I was all over him, kissing and touching . He pushed me away to get a good look at me. I turned around slowly, showing all of my sexy curves. He pulled me back in and kissed me deeply while slipping his hand up my dress. I could see, over his shoulder, the mountain of coke on his coffee table. I pulled out of his embrace and walked to the table. I dropped to my knees, filled my pinky nail with the beautiful white snow and inhaled it. It was really good coke and I felt good. I turned my head and saw that Austin was sitting on the sofa behind me. I got down on my knees in front of him and pulled his hard cock out. I sucked and licked all over his dick. His moans were turning me and I slipped my hands in my panties. I played with my pussy, sliding two fingers deeply inside myself while I sucked his cock. My pussy was hot, wet, and tight. I stood up and sat in his lap on his hard dick. I slowly moved my body up and down his long, thick dick. I could feel his monster cock in my stomach. I love fucking on a sofa, face to face, his chest against my titties. He wrapped his arms around me, holding me tightly, guiding my body up and down. I rode his dick like a cowgirl, I started rocking my pussy back and forth. He couldn’t take it much longer. He cried out for me to slow down, but I ignored him and I rocked faster. He shot his hot, milky semen in my sloppy wet pussy. I left his house with most of his coke because I promised to come back the next day. Sucker!! He won’t see me again until I need him.

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