The Friend

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When I got off the stage a man approached me with an offer. He wanted to pay me $2000 to come to his house and meet his friend. I was weary about leaving the club with this stranger, I had a very strange feeling in my stomach. But $2000 is a lot of money and I couldn’t say no. I followed him to his house and I was impressed by the size,the house was huge, and this guy was loaded.

He asked me to get naked. I removed my clothes and asked him, “Where is this friend you wanted me meet?”

He told me to sit down and spread my thighs, then he called out,”Rico come, Rico come!”

Then the biggest four-legged furry I’d ever seen trotted into the room. He was headed straight to my bare pussy.

I jumped up,  “Oh hell nah, I’m leaving!”, I yelled, “I don’t do furries.”

He upped his offer to $5000 and greed took over my judgement. I accepted the money, laid back on the sofa and spread my thighs apart. The huge furry put his face between my legs and his tongue licked my pussy. His tongue flicked so fast I was seeing stars. It felt so good my eyes were rolling back. I pulled my legs up to my chest, keeping them slightly spread, the furry rapidly continued to lap his tongue all over my pussy

“Oh my god, good furry, good furry!”, I cried out.

I squirted cum all over the furry and he licked it all up. The man told me to get on my knees and bend over the sofa. I obeyed his order and got on my knees. The furry mounted my back and slipped his dick into my pussy. He hunched by back fast and hard. It felt so good, I rocked my pussy back meeeting his fast thrusts. The man stood by stroking his hard dick. I cried out in ecstasy, this furry was better than a lot of guys I’d fucked. The furry continued to pound my pussy over and over again until he shot cum. He popped his dick out and the man shot his cum all over me. I walked out of that house with the money and a whole new appreciation for furries.

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