Never Too Old for Hot Stripper Sex

hot stripper sexI am a little old for hot stripper sex, or am I? I was at the local strip club last night for Manic Monday. Cheapest beer in town, plus an amateur contest. I was just there for the beer and to pick up some young college boys. The cheep beer and $3 cover bring out the younger crowd. I knew the strippers would ignore the broke ass college boys, but since I didn’t want their money, I figured they would want some pussy. Old pussy is still pussy. I ended up partying with four frat boys in the club. They encouraged me to enter the amateur contest. I didn’t have much competition. Monday nights are slow in strip clubs once football is over. My frat boys were like my cheerleaders. I think they are the reason I won the $500 prize. They screamed so loud for me. I was happy to use my prize money to get us all a VIP room for an hour. This young stripper came with the room, but the boys wanted to see me dance instead. I suggested we both dance. She didn’t seem to mind that idea. She worked the pole better than me, but I drained those frat boys’ poles a few times each.  In the end, I was the best gal on the pole. That is because I am a trailer trash whore.

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