Nasty Halloween fun house

No taboo phone sexI had so much fun this year for Halloween, I went all out! In my garage, I set up a haunted house and at the end of it, I was laying there with my legs spread open wide and nothing but a scary mask on. I was butt ass naked and ready to be fucked and played with! To whoever was able to successfully get through the scary haunted house, the reward was to be to able to have some dirty, filthy fun with me! That’s right, my perfect body laying under a strobe light with my cunt, ass and tits out in the open,I was fortunately able to get ran through by dozens and dozens of horny men with rock hard cocks! So fucking sexy! I love being able to lay there while all the random men did whatever the fuck that they wanted to do to me! Nothing was off limits, and I mean absolutely nothing! My cunt and asshole were ripped open and bleeding by the end of the night! I looked like a fucking bloody zombie mess! So yummy! There were some really nasty motherfuckers dressed up as vampires and they actually sucked and licked all of the blood off of me! I loved how they ate me up, hehe. I’m still so fucking horny from it all! I loved being a cum whore for my favorite holiday of the year!

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