Cum Dumpster Mom

cum dumpsterI love being a cum dumpster. I raised my daughter to be one too. She brought over a few of her friends last night. I use the word friends loosely. She just met them at a truck stop looking for some blow. They wanted to party, so they came to my trailer. My daughter knows where to come for a party. The two of us entertained about 8 guys. Not the biggest group we have entertained together, but one of the youngest. These boys didn’t even have pubic hair yet. My daughter doesn’t discriminate when it comes to cocks. She will fuck old or young. Me too, but my preference will always be young! Young, dumb and full of cum. These boys were excited to be partying with a trashy milf and her daughter. They got free beer and free pussy. I did a few lines of coke off their young cocks. My daughter did too. When we high, we are even bigger cum dumps. We were blowing cocks, licking assholes, getting high, drinking beer and fucking. That is a typical night for me. Normally, my daughter is out hooking. A gang bang is rare for her, especially a boy gang bang, but she loves to party with her mama.  I woke up this morning covered in cum and coke. My daughter was blowing a teen boy and we started gang banging the boys again. My daughter is my favorite gal to party with.

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