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sexlineMy sexline is unrestricted always. You can tell me your most taboo thoughts. And I hope I can share with you the things that I cannot tell just anyone. I am a nasty whore. I am a P mommy. And the vanilla sex bores me to tears. Guys ask me all the time if I still fuck my much older husband. I love him. He loves me. But his dick has not worked in years. Sometimes, with a Viagra it gets hard. But I need to fuck now and not 4 hours after my husband’s little blue pill kicks in. He is cool with who ever I fuck. He likes to watch me with our sons and other young boys. I want to give him a sexy show last night for his birthday. He turned 65. I told you he was older. Almost a quarter of a century older. I have been with him since I was schoolgirl age. I cannot imagine being married to anyone else but him. He saved me. I grew up in a dingy trailer park in rural West Virginia. I was born to be a whore for my meth head parents. My husband saved me from that. So, I will stay married and loyal too him. He knows I am a trashy milf now. I started as a Lolita whore and morphed into a mommy whore. We had a big birthday bash for daddy last night. I hired some hookers. The very young kind that can make his perverted old dick twitch. We had an orgy. I had my sons and some other young boys who I invited run a train on me. My ass and pussy where dripping with cum. Our daughters and the other Lolitas for hire were raising my husband’s dead dick. Jailbait pussy and ass seems to always do the trick. We had a great birthday celebration. But I cannot share the details with just anyone.

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    • Harrison on June 12, 2022 at 12:33 pm
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    You look like you have never had a vanilla experience ever.

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