Cheating on my sister

Cum guzzling slut

Last weekend I made out with my sister and I fucked her boyfriend! Her man was so hot! I couldn’t help but be promiscuous around him. My sister got so drunk she passed out. He had to carry her out to the car and we had to leave, we couldn’t keep her in the car alone by herself. He drove around for 3 hours and then finally we stopped at our old high school. We got out to walk and catch a fresh breeze. My sister was still knocked out in the back seat. I threw myself on him and he just made out with me. He’s the best kisser ever. He lifted me up onto the crane thing where the football team stores their practice equipment. Then I started to suck his dick. It was so dark and freaky. We thought he made me squirt but in reality he made me bleed due to his massive cock! Sheesh, that was so good. Cheating on my sister was so worth it after all!

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