I Took Kelly and Charlie To The Lot

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My daughter Kelly is a sweet girl, but it was time she learned how to be a real trailer trash whore like her Mommy! Her sister Charlie knew the drill as she came to the lot with me all the time, so we made up a spicy plan to teach Kelly how to be a slut! We took that sleezy little bitch out to the truck stop with us over the weekend to let her get a real taste of what being a druggy skank hooker really means! We got signaled from the flash of some lights, So Charlie, Kelly and I clicked our high ass heels over to the cab. The door opened and a strong John pulled Kelly up inside, and then me, and then we pulled up sexy teen Charlie! He lit up a blunt and we started toking! He wanted to do lines off of Kelly’s hot tiddies, so he tapped them out and Charlie went first! She has the sexiest, bounciest tits I’ve ever seen and I love sucking on them myself, which is exactly what I did while Charlie started doing lines off of Kelly’s perky young tits!

Cum Dumpster

Well cutesy young Kelly wasn’t used to getting super high with sexy Mommy Amara and her big sister Charlie so she was getting forcibly intoxicated! And that’s where the fun started! That John bent her over and showed us just how easy it was to hide bags of coke up her asshole so the TSA would never ever find it! Kelly’s little girl pussy was drooling while he played with her ass, and Charlie was smoking the big boy bong between rips off of the real bong! I started filming, because Kelly’s first time as a trashed trailer whore was so special I never wanted any of us to forget it. Fucking family is everything, am I right?!

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