My First BBC

BBC Sex StoriesI lived a sheltered life for most of it. When I started on my own with the only fuck in my life being a boy from my home town that I married I had no idea what I was missing out on. But I was getting hornier, and hornier that I was desperate for more. I remember the day I went to the park I had already cheated once and I said I wouldn’t do it again but obviously that would be a lie. I was sitting on a bench, feeling my panties wet and the strong need to fuck. A guy was jogging through the park and stopped to take a breather by me. The sweat pants he was wearing left little to the imagination as I can quite visibly see the outline of his cock. Some of my girlfriends had mentioned blacks cocks tend to be bigger and better but I hadn’t really thought about it or had the chance to test it out for myself. Before I knew it I had walked up to him and grab his cock, he didn’t stop me. In fact, he pulled his sweat down to let me see it. I followed him into one of the public bathrooms and hopped up on the sink and took my first BBC. He lasted much longer than I was used to and it felt so good to be stretched I didn’t want it to stop. Afterward while walking home my pussy was full of cum. I knew there was no way I could just be someone’s housewife, I was a whore and I’ve never looked back.

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