Secret Location For Whores

black stripper sex 

I know where you can get your dick wet tonight. Everyone thinks that the sex clubs are closed because of the coronavirus but let me tell you a secret. Our club is still open, it’s a whore house in the back of a building that looks like a marijuana store. But in the back room is where all the prostitutes work. We start around 10 p.m. annd close around 2 in the morning. I was dressed up in my skankiest outfit when they sent a wealthy businessman to the back with me. He wanted an hour to fuck a whore and he tipped pretty good too. I let him fuck me in the ass. He had some cocaine on him too, so I let him do a line off my ass. There may be a pandemic going on but the sex industry is still booming. I am pleased to say that I am just as busy selling pussy as ever. I can see that sex is always a best seller.

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