Mother and Daughter Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireMy daughter and I were hookers for hire last night. We needed some fast cash to get her car out of the pound. She got the big yellow parking boot. The thing is it isn’t her car. It belongs to one of her sugar daddies. She is using it while he is out of town. If he knew she got tickets and didn’t pay them, and the car got towed, he would be livid. It might be a situation even her golden pussy couldn’t solve. She asked for my help, but I didn’t have an extra $600 laying around. I told her I knew how we could earn the money quickly. She is a sugar baby. She trades her pussy for nice things. She is a hooker even if she isn’t in skanky clothes on the corner of a street. I got us dolled up in hot pants and tube tops. We took our asses to the red light district and made some money. When guys discovered we were mother and daughter, they paid to have us together. That is when we started making more money than we needed. Guys want to fuck a slutty mom and her even sluttier daughter. We got high and tag teamed by men who paid for the mother daughter whore experience. We made more money than expected, so we bought some more coke and went shopping after we got the car out of jail. We decided that being sexy prostitutes is our calling.

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