Foot To Mouth

Cum eating phone sex

You have to take risks, you have to take every opportunity that you can.  So when my date asked me to get into his bathtub I was intrigued.  He told me to get comfortable so I thought he meant, take off your clothes since we were in the bedroom and he had already gone down on me in his living room.  Made perfect sense to me.  I was just climbing up onto the bed when he said, “Can you do me a favor? Can you get into the tub?” 

I can only imagine what the face I pulled looked like, but he said, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”  I told him that it was fine.  I have picked up guys in bars before and sometimes they have unusual requests when I got back to their place, or to my favorite Motel.  This was just a new one.  I asked if he wanted me to put my clothes back on.  He went over to his dresser and pulled out these leg warmers and asked me to put them on.  Uh, was this going to be some 80’s fetish? I didn’t know, but I put them on.  

He helped me into his tub, he was already getting hard so I was thinking it was the leg warmers, so I lifted my legs up to give him a better look. He was stroking his cock and looking at my legs.  Just so you know, holding your legs up in the air while you are in a tub is a bit uncomfortable on your tailbone.  I went to put my legs down for just a second to adjust my position and he grabbed my feet, stepped into the tub, then pressed his cock between my insteps.  He started to hump my feet, I was trying not to bang my head on the rim of the tub.  Then, without warning, he came all over my face.  Okay.  If that is what you were into that’s great, but warn a bitch next time.

I went to wipe it off and he stopped me, he pulled one of the leg warms off my right leg then wiped off the cum with it.  He then wiped off his cock, then slipped it back onto my leg.  I wasn’t sure if I should move or what.  He held his hand out to me and I stood up.  We did this over and over again, and to be honest I was getting seriously pissed because he just kept cumming on my face then wiping it off, all the while my pussy is being neglected!  Not fair if you ask me.  Not at all.  I finally said that I had to go, he said okay, but he wanted to do one more thing.  Finally, I was going to have some dick in my cunt … Nope!  He sat me down on the bed and told me to make him suck the cum off the leg warmer, and to be stern about it.

I left shortly afterward, he asked me if he could call me.  I said, “No.”  Then left.  It wasn’t because of his fetish, it was because he didn’t pay any attention to my juicy fuckable pussy.  When I got home I broke out some toys and had to do it myself.  I think it was pretty shitty of him to leave me hanging like that, I seriously had a case of blue balls and I do not even have balls, so you know it was bad.

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