Money, money, money!

hookers for hireDo you know what hookers for hire like me love most? Money, money, money! Money buys my drugs, it pays my bills and it keeps me happy and you know what? I will do absolutely anything to get it! I will suck dicks, drink piss, eat shit, you name it if you have the cash I need, I will do it no matter how degrading or humiliating it is. Shit I am a nasty bitch from way back so I like it better the nastier you get! Just today I have already been with 6 guys and that was all before lunch! They put me on my knees and circled around me, all of them covered me in their hot piss before shoving their cocks down my throat, I swallowed every drop of piss and cum like a good whore should too. As soon as they left, I called my dealer, I didn’t even clean myself up first but it’s all good my dealer knows I’m a total skank and he don’t give a fuck.

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