White Trash Hook UP

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My girl Destiny called me last night and gave me the ultimate white trash hook up. A friend of hers was not able to make it to a party that she was booked for. She said the guys were loaded but she had something else she had to be working on. Well anyway, Destiny said she could do the job but the guys wanted two girls now. I am not a stripper but I do strip for guys for free. So I was thinking I could go and have some fun with Destiny for the evening and maybe make some tips for rent. So I picked put a real cute outfit and Destiny showed up at my place to pick me up with Karli, another friend of ours. Dudes changed their mind, again. But I was not scared I thought if anything it was going to make the night even more memorable.

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When we got there what I thought was going to be the three of us like five guys wound up being the three of us and around 25 horny and ready to go men. Music pumped, we danced and money fell from the sky like rain. I had never seen that much money in my life. We were swimming in it. What was I kidding we even fucked these guys brains out like the three whore amigos sent to save their lonely cocks. We were not like paid whore we were just super fucking cum loving sluts. There just happened to be a lot of coke and alcohol and of course Benjamin. Benjamin and I rarely met to be honest but I always went after him and spent him just as fast. When we left we had so much money we did not know what to do. It was about 4 in the morning and we headed to the Waffle Casa and separated it out. I wound up with 13,000 dollars all to myself as my cut. Destiny got the most for what she called a finder’s fee. I was not hating though, I was so stoked, time to get my party on.

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