Money Makes Me Smile

cum guzzling slut evonne1

“Music makes me dance and money money money makes me smile” my favorite line from a song…not only does it make me smile but it makes me wet as fucking hell. Nothing gets the pussy going into overdrive faster then a stack of cold, hard, green cash, excerpt maybe a huge fucking cock. You know the ones that are way above average. The ones that stretch your holes like a good fisting. Last night I hit the fucking jackpot and got both. Yep a twofer, a bogo, a bonus. He had a was of fucking dough that was all mine if I could take his cock. No one has ever been able to do it in any capacity. So if i could take all of it, balls deep in any hole, mouth ass or cunt, and endure the resulting pounding I would get until he shot his load, the cash was all mine. Thank fucking goodness for my lack of gag reflex, I knew I could take his cock no matter how big in my mouth at least. Little did I know just what he was fucking packing. When he pulled his cock out the gasp was and involuntary reaction and he laughed out loud. cum guzzling cock1

The very first thing I wanted to do was get a picture of that fucking thing, no one would believe this with out one. They would think it was like one of those fishing stories. You know I caught one “this big”. I wondered just how much bigger it could get once it was hard, I was about to find out. I wrapped my mouth around that huge cock and slowly worked it down the back of my throat. I inched it down little by little fearing that I wouldn’t be able to do it. After what seemed an eternity I had his entire cock down my throat. He was very patient with the process of me taking his cock all the way down, but no sooner did his nuts hit my chin did he start fucking my throat without mercy. It took me off guard and for a minute I couldn’t breath, but then I fell into his rhythm and let him have his fun. he shot his thick load down my throat and handed me the wad of cash happily.  Now it was my turn, I offered him a bet of double or nothing. I wanted that monster in my ass so bad I couldn’t stand it, the extra cash was a bonus. When he took me up on it I was so happy that I squealed! My ass is going to be sore for some time to cum but my wallet is loving it!

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