Sexy Prostitutes: Brats for Sale

sexy prosititutes dirty mommyI once saw a little homemade movie called “Brats for Sale.” It was sort of like that old movie “Pretty Baby” where a young girl born into a brothel has her virginity sold to the highest bidder, but this was real and the girls were way younger. My hubby and I live well beyond our means, and let’s face it, there is a huge market for young flesh. Taboo meat is a cash cow all over the world. I know men who go to Thailand for young girls and boys because the age of consent there is much younger. But what if you didn’t have to travel that far? What if you could have your first time with a sweet young boy or girl forever preserved on film for you? When folks get married in Vegas they can get a little keepsake video of their ceremony. I think most men would like a special homemade memory of their first time popping a young cherry.

I turned my home into a little jailbait porn studio after being introduced to that kind of extreme porn. For $1,000 cash, a man can fuck any of my brats, a boy or a girl while I film it for his spank bank. For $1700, he can fuck two of them at once. And for the high rolling taboo loving men, $5,000 cash gets you the cherry of your choice to pop. You can pop a baby girl pussy or ass cherry or even a baby boy ass. But this is a limited time offer of course! Within hours of advertising on some underground P sites, the request for pics of my selection were rolling in and studio time was being booked.trashy MILF dirty prostituteMy son’s anal cherry was the first to be bought. I have three very lovely daughters, but some man paid top dollar to sodomize my baby’s boy ass for the first time before any of my daughters. In preparation, I gave my boy a roofie to relax him. I even prepared him the night before with an enema so his butt would be all clean and ready to use. I was so excited to film his first hardcore ass fucking. Why go to Thailand when you can fuck young brats in my place! My son whimpered and squirmed. Big Daddy T made my son suck his cock before cramming it up his little virgin butthole. Big Daddy T grunted like a horny animal. He rode my son’s ass good too. Even made my son suck his cherry juice off his cock. I couldn’t help but finger bang my cunt watching that big load of red tinged spunk leak out my baby boy’s ass.

no taboo phone sex young prostititutes Only been in operation a few weeks, but I have a huge bag of money piling up. This is just the endeavor I need to keep me in the lifestyle I am accustomed too. My brats came out of my pussy; therefore, I own them and can do what I want with them. They need to contribute to the household more, anyway. I am clearly going to need to expand to keep up with requests I am getting. Maybe you would like to help me procure some fresh young talent? If you do, I promise you a free sample! I have 3 boys and 3 girls for you to try out, of various ages, plus think of all the brats we can borrow and steal!

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