Lot lizard sex is so worth it

Lot lizard sexYou know you’re shirking your responsibilities as a lot lizard when the men are calling you to make sure you’re still alive. So, I just had to go back to my favorite haunt. My hair teased and slutty. Wearing nothing but fishnets, daisy dukes, and a bra and the cheapest makeup I could find. I knew it was going to run down and cover the first cock I sucked but that’s why I loved it. I was walking through the parked trucks when you saw me. You rolled down your window and yelled to me. “Hey slut, ever see the bed in a truck?” I giggled and with feigned innocence said. “Oh no Mister. You should show me.” and found myself in the back of your rig on that tiny bunk they call a bed with your hands grabbing and pawing at my tits and pussy. You discovered the hole I had cut over the pussy of my jeans and the lack of panties then laughed as your thick fingers plunged into my wet and wanting pussy. You found the g-spot so easy that I was cumming over your hand before I could even think to say “fuck me” and then your cock was in me. Plunging deep into my pussy and fucking me hard and fast. Your shaft was wide, veiny, and uncut making you touch every single fucking nerve inside of me bringing me to orgasm all over again around you before you grunted. Your cock throbbing as you filled up my cum starved pussy with your dirty trucker cum. It was fast, gritty, and amazing and you were more than happy to remind me of my place as you took the money for my services and shoved the bills up my soaking, cum filled, cunt. “Now get out, I gotta get going.”

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