Deflowering For Coke

Druggy pornI got a call from one of my cocaine dealers and he needed a very big favor. He wanted me to deflower his teenage son. I knew that I would be compensated very well, and deflowering a teenage boy could be hell of a way to spend a Monday. I put her my sexiest outfit, the one that left little to the imagination. When I got there I could see why this boy was a virgin. He was painfully shy and a bit of a nerd. He couldn’t even look me in my eyes, he just stared at the floor. I walked over to him, lifted his chin and placed a soft kiss on his sweet lips.
“Where is your bedroom?”, I asked.
He grabbed my hand and rushed me upstairs to his room. Once we were alone in his room, I dropped to my knees and pulled his hard dick out. The nerdy young man was hung like a horse, that was a nice surprise. I sucked and licked all over that huge hard cock. He held the back of my head, forcing me to deep throat. But I’m a dick sucking pro I can handle a dick in my throat. I pulled away from his grip, I wanted to pop this young man’s cherry. I stood up and laid down on his bed with my legs spread far apart. I wanted him to see my beautiful, wet pussy. He surprised me when he put his face between my thighs, and he gave oral like a pro, too. Then came the real moment of truth, he slid his hard cock inside my wetness. It felt so good. This boy didn’t fuck like a virgin. He told me later that he’d learned all of his moves from dirty movies. I got my coke then I was gone like a thief in the night.

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