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Working the streets you get a lot of fucking creeps who want some crazy shit. I am a trashy whore but These bitches on SubmissiveWhore.com are crazy! I got to watch them first hand to see what its like. My reg Adam brought me to this warehouse. It was cold and damp but I didn’t care. The hole way there Adam fed me handfuls of pills. Uppers downers and anything else. I was feeling so fucking good. I didn’t even know how long it took us to get there. I had my lips wrapped around Adams cock. He is normally so vanilla it shocked me to have him bring me here.

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As we got in there I figured he wanted me to be fucked hard by a chick with a 10 inch cock, but He was the dom. It was such a turn on for me to watch him spanking her. He tied this bitch up and suspended her off the floor. It was crazy and so fucking sexy. He laid me down and started fucking me as we watched this bitch above us get spanked over and over again. You should check out our new girls. See how fucking freaky they are!! They want to be your dirty whore and sub! 

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