Fuck Walmart

Live Phone SexFuck Walmart. I hate coming here! The lines are always to damn long! My beer is gonna be warm before I even get to the check out!

To hell with this. I am cracking one open now.

Great! Now a manager comes over and starts complaining. “You can’t drink on Walmart property ma’am”….Blah blah blah.

“Then open up another register dick head! I should be half way home by now and half way through this 12 pack. So it’s your fault I am still here!”

Great call the police. Whatever. Make sure you tell Sergeant Thompson, Freida said hey!

I was through my third beer by the time the cops got there. It was a new guy. Great fresh meat! Let’s break him in right!

You politely ask me if I had paid for the beer which, duh, no, I have not, I had been waiting to do that for twenty minutes!

“Well ma’am, you can not drink in this store and you need to pay for it and then leave. Are you driving?”

Great all the damn police brutality going on and I get a wimpy guy!

I reached in my jeans, pulled out a twenty and threw it at the cashier as I walked out with what was left of my beer.

You followed me to my car talking about how you can’t let me drive. Just try and stop me!

I reached to open my car door and that’s when you slammed me up against the car!

Now we are getting somewhere!

“Sergeant Thompson said you liked to get fucked! He thinks you pull shit like this just so you can get laid!”

With my hands in cuffs and my head pressed against the roof of the car, you unzipped your pants and slammed that fucking cock in my cunt!Phone Sex Line

“Is this what you want? You little whore!”

Yes, that is exactly what I needed!

Customers were watching you fuck me in the parking lot but I didn’t care!

You felt so good as your fuck stick forces its way in and out! You were going so fast and fucking me so hard! I couldn’t take it! I was about to cum! I started to scream and you covered my mouth! Of fuck! Just then you shot that jizz so deep inside me that I could almost taste it! That last thrust sent me over the edge! I pushed back against your cock before you had a chance to pull out and just let go! I exploded all over you!

You had my cum dripping off the end of your cock and splattered all over your uniform!

Now you were mad! You couldn’t go back to precinct covered in my sweet milk, smelling like me! They all knew where you had been! They would know what you did!

I could see the anger and panic on your face and I laughed. “Relax Newbie. They always send me the new guys. Think of it as initiation. Welcome to the force!

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