Life of The Party

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I went to a wild party last night. The drinks were flowing and the coke was high grade. Of course I was dressed like a slut and all eyes were on me. I was drunk, high, and horny as hell. I wanted cock and I wanted a lot of it.

I took my top off and told everyone in the room, “If you want some pussy follow me.”

I walked toward the back of the house and had all the guys line up outside the door. The guy who had the luck to be first was hung like a horse he fucked my tight pussy so good I almost cried. He kept throwing me hard cock and I threw my pussy right back. He held my ass tight as he pummeled my pussy over and over again until he shot load. The next guy didn’t want pussy, he wanted mouth. I got on my knees and stroked his cock into my mouth. I rolled my tongue around the head and he tasted salty but good. When he came I swallowed it all.

As he walk out of the room he told the men in line, “That bitch can suck a dick.”

I did another line of coke and I was ready for more. Man after man came in that room with me, and I handled them all like a porn star. I sucked so much cock my lips swelled. And all that fucking had me walking funny for a couple of days. But that’s the¬†consequences of being the life of the party.

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