Cum dumpster Slave

Cum dumpsterI know that there have been many times where I’ve been a cum dumpster. Used just for my holes to get guys off. I’ve also sold myself to be fucked too. This was the first time though I didn’t feel human. Like I was a piece of property and just a fucking toy. My dealer owed you some money. I didn’t ask why like the good whore I am, I just know that after bartering it was decided that you liked me and he sold me to you. Like I was a fucking slave… Well, that’s what I was now. Your fucking slave. I was told that every day I had to wear what you gave me, I wasn’t allowed to have any other possessions with me. I had to do my hair and makeup as you liked it every day and keep my ass lubed and pussy wet as I cleaned, cooked, and otherwise kept your house in perfect order. It was humiliating and also hot at the same time. I wasn’t even allowed to talk unless spoken too. I thought I’d get necessities though, like food… I learned the hard way just how wrong I was though as I made you pancakes. Thick fluffy things, golden brown, with maple syrup, fruit, and whipped cream. It looked and smelled delicious and my stomach was growling at me angry as I put the plate down in front of you. You leaned back, angling yourself so I could see your hard cock and gave me a pointed look. I got to my knees on the cold tile floor and sucked your cock, fucking my throat with your thick long member as you enjoyed the pancakes I just slaved away in making for you. I did my best to get you to cum quick so I could eat too, and I could tell when you were getting close because you ignored the pancakes to put a hand on the back of my head. Guiding me up and down as you started to pant for breath. “Fuck” you grunted just a split second before pulling my head all the way down, forcing your cock head down my throat as your cock twitched and sent stream after stream of cum into my belly. You leaned back, letting my head go with a satisfied sigh and pushed me off of your cock, leaving me kneeling on the floor as you ignored me. Not even acknowledging that I was there or even offering me a bite. When you managed the courtesy of a glance my way you quirked an eyebrow. “Don’t you know, fucking sluts get cum for breakfast. If you’re a good slut have have this shit cleaned up when I come home for lunch maybe I’ll let you suck my cock again for it.” with that you stood up, eating the last bite of pancake before leaving me alone. Ready to cry… I didn’t even get to taste the cum damn it…

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