I’m Such a Cum Dumpster

cum dumpsterI’m such a cum dumpster. Seriously, I cannot drink enough cum, especially when I am high which is always the case. I was partying with some black dudes last night. They had some sweet chronic. Better than the shit I can ever get. I was partying with the guys. Getting high, drinking beer and giving head is how I spend most nights. The guys know I am a cum whore. They dared me to swallow every one of them. Challenge accepted. I never pass up a cum challenge. When I am high, I am invincible. I forgot I was blowing black guys. They cum twice the amount, sometimes more than white guys. I chugged so much cum, I got sick. That rarely happens. It could have been the cheap ass beer, but I suspect it was the cum. I am a cum guzzling slut, but that was more cum than even an old whore like me has swallowed before. There were like 30 black men, so it was like chugging 60 loads of cum. I puked it up. But guess what? I was so fucking high, I licked it up off the floor. I love cum so much, I will even clean it up once I have puked it up. I may not have swallowed cum like a porn star, but I still impressed the brothers with my willingness to make sure I got every last drop.

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