I Love College


druggy porn

College parties are the shit! There’s always hot muscular guys that are willing to give free drugs to slutty girls like me. I make sure to wear a super short jean skirt and a see through pink tank top, and I’m ready to party it up. I went to the closest college party, which wasn’t hard to find on a Friday, and was ready to score some free drugs. When I walked in I walked to the kitchen first to get some booze. Once I downed a few cups it was time to start opening doors until I found the room with the drugs in it. When I finally found the room it was 7 or 8 guys passing around a mirror with little white lines on it. I asked if I could join them they said sure for $15. When I told them I could offer them something better than money I knew I really had their attention. I went back downstairs and found 2 random girls that were dirty druggie sluts like me. I led the girls to the room, and told them to sit in the middle of the circle. Of course payment before the show, so I snorted 2 lines. Then I instructed the girls to undress and start making out. While they were making out I began licking one of the girls’ pussy and playing with the others, and then switching. Next, I taught the girls how to scissor each other while I made out with them both. Most of the guys were touching themselves and going crazy, except one who looked unimpressed. So, I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the side with me. I got completely naked and spread my legs and pussy lips wide open for him. I could tell he was a football player by the way his strong arms held me while he destroyed my cunt. I’ve never came so hard in my like. I love college parties.

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