Coke Sluts

Druggy phone sexI love my best friend, Stacy. We have so much fun when we hang out and like me she parties hard. We do a few lines and turn into lesbians. Her pussy tastes like sunshine. I took her to my dealer’s house and like always his house was full of gangsters and thugs. I love going there with Stacy. We were wearing tube tops and mini skirts with no panties. We walked in and the room got quiet. I love eating her pussy with an audience watching us. We sixty-nined and they cheered us on. I ground my cunt against her mouth. I love the way her tongue flicked across my clit. We stay there all day, fucking and getting high. Rico, my dealer, likes me and Stacy on our knees licking his big dick while his homeboys watch us. We do whatever he wants and he rewards us with the best cocaine.

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