I eat shit, so what

Every one gives me shit because I love scat play. I can not help the fact that I find nothing hotter than having a guy take me from behind, spit on my ass hole and ram his rock hard cock into it, then whip me around and make me suck his cock including the shit right off of it. I love it when I am used as a human toilet and I am shit on, pissed on and have come sprayed all over my face because I am your personal little cum slut. I was raised to know my place and to know that I am no better than the shit that plops in the toilet. My pussy and my mouth are your personal fuck hole to do with as you please. I will obey and be the best little cum guzzling cunt that you have ever had the pleasure of fucking. Just tell me what you want and lets get this party going.


Cum dumpster

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