Sexy Prostitutes Need Punished

sexy prostitutesSexy prostitutes need punished sometimes. I love my daughters, but my oldest girl is unruly at times. She loves the money being a whore brings, but she doesn’t like to be submissive. I don’t either, honestly. However, I am a greedy bitch, so if a guy wants to slap a dog collar on me and parade me around as his pet, I am all in. I just see the green. My daughter needs to learn that when you are a whore, the client is always right. Now, on occasion, I get submissive men who want fucked in the ass by a dominant woman. I am happy to put a strap on and party with his ass. What happened the other night was a guy paid to spank a young girl. He wanted a hot teen slut to abuse. He paid extra to leave a mark. She was glad to do it when she heard what her cut would be. Midway, she switched and try to spank the client. He was gonna abuse the fuck out of her if I didn’t intervene. I decided to let him overpower her. She needed a hard lesson. He practically choked the life out of her with his right hand. He picked her up by her neck, choked the life out of her and tossed her across the room. He wanted his money back. It was about to get ugly so I gave him the money back. I made sure my daughter knew that she owed me her share. I spanked her bare bottom hard. So hard, she cried. She never cries. The next day I scheduled a gang bang for her. 50 men fucking her ass like a gangbang whore would bring me the money she fucked up with one high client. She got used up well. She is still sitting on a bag of frozen veggies to sooth her well worn asshole. Consequences have actions. A young girl needs to learn.

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