Hottest Grill Out Yet!

Baby girl and I were grilling out last night for dinner, and a couple of guys came over to chill. The guys got thirsty, and they decided to go for beer and pop. When they came back, the food was almost ready. No sooner had I pulled the last burger off the grill than hands wrapped around my waist. I found myself tossed in the air and then captured in strong arms. As he slid me down his body, my skirt rode up, and before I knew it, his fingers were in my ass and pussy. Baby girl was getting similar treatment. He lifted me up, then, and wrapped my legs around his waist. His cock slid into my pussy with such ease, and without ever leaving cover. He fucked me senseless, standing there, sitting on the lawn chair, up against the outside of my trailer. Oh, he gave my pussy a run. Baby girl is still having trouble walking straight, she got so torn up. It was a good dinner. Trashy milf

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