Celebrating Mexican Independence Day

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I had seen him often sitting by the bar. His dark Hispanic skin sexy as could be under the bar lights. Today i walk over and begin a conversation with him. He asks me about the celebration of Mexican Independence Day planned for tomorrow. When I began describing decorations, drinks, and costumes for the night, he informed me I had things quite a bit mixed up. Seeing a chance to spend ore time with this hunk I asked him to elaborate. When he started talking about drinks, I had him step behind the bar and make us a few of the new ones he was describing. From there, we took out drinks to the dressing rooms. I put on a few of the girls sexy costumes for him to critique. When I got to my own sexy costume, he told me the only thing wrong with it was that too much skin was covered. He stepped up and uncovered one tit and began fondling it. I couldn’t get out of the rest of it quickly enough. I took his dark cock into my mouth eagerly. In the mirror I could see the difference in his dark skin against my own fair white skin. It was strangely erotic. I couldn’t get his cock inside my pussy quickly enough. We both missed the Mexcan celebration at the bar because we were too busy having our own celebration that would continue for days to come.

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