Special Delivery!

Creampie slutI stayed in today, but that didn’t stop fun from happening. Apparently, one of my lovers sent me a gift, and the delivery guy was very, very nice. He was built like a Mac truck, and the bulge in his pants was enough to tell me what I wanted to know. Considering the days are still fairly warm, and he was working up a sweat, I invited him to come inside to enjoy a glass of iced water. He enjoyed that iced water, and a little bit of Miss Ella, too.

He bent me over my kitchen sink, cocked my right leg up on the counter, and he pounded my ass so hard and so good, I still feel it, and it’s been HOURS. When he finished pounding me that way, he pushed me to the ground, and he shoved that cock so deep down my throat, I thought it was going to suffocate me a few times. He shot his load all over my face and in my hair, then kissed me hard before leaving to finish his shift. He says he is going to come by on his night off. We shall see!

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