Hot Stripper sex For B.W.D.

Hot stripper sexHot stripper sex makes you weak in the knees. I know baby you can’t handle all this ass flying at you when Im twerking it back so hard. Drink up and drink in my hot body as I grind and slip and slide on that pole. Wish that was your fuck rod don’t you? You just want a few minutes alone with me you say as you set up your lap dance. Private time just to give this dirty stripper whore a second to understand what kind of man you are. You promise me it’s worth my time, and I giggle.  But as I begin to gyrate and bounce around with only a thin layer of cloth between you and my pussy, I notice something. Your cock is growing and it’s really looking like your a big-league batter! One whisper that you are not even half erect has me taking your hand and pulling you to a private booth. Let me see!  I beg, on my knees.  Let me worship that big white cock the way it should be. Whipping it out to slap my face I am so fucking impressed. My mouth swallows you down like a melting jello shot. As the mushroom disappears between my lips you smack my face telling me what a good big dick sucker I am. Do you have that big white dick ((B.W.D.))that should be worshiped by a trashy stripper?

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