BBC Sex Stories I am Full of To Share With You

bbc sex storiesI am full of bbc sex stories. That is because I am a BBC whore. Want to know how I became one? It was because of my mother. I would not say she was born to be a BBC whore. She became one out of necessity. She would hook in our trailer when my father hit the road. He was a trucker, but he never left us enough money to survive on while he was gone. My mom did not work. We needed food and we had none. This was before cell phones. We could not just call my dad for money. This was before you could Venmo money quickly too. My mom decided to entertain men for a donation. She became one of the many hookers for hire in the trailer park. She set herself apart, however, by fucking the black men. It was more controversial in the 70s to fuck black men than it is today. I would spy on my mom taking those monster black cocks. I was in awe of her talent. I was envious too. The black men loved her so much. Their black wives could not handle their monster meat, but my mother could.

One day, one of her black Johns, spotted me watching them and offered money for me to suck his big black dick. I was a young teen girl. My mother refused, but I insisted on helping. Why should my mother have all the fun, right? She was not happy, but the money he offered was too good to pass on. That day a BBC whore was born. Over 40 years later, I am still a bbc phone sex whore. I love to be the one woman a black man can count on to suck his big black dick dry.  I love being the BBC whore of the town.

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