Hookers for Hire: BJ and Hadley

I was at my regular watering hole hanging with some of the biker regulars when Hadley came in. These guys were whooping and howling for the fine piece of trailer trash ass. Once she was heading back to the girls room I followed her back and offered her some blow. As she was taking her line I asked how she felt like joining me as a couple hookers for hire to service the guys.

This whore was totally into me and was pretty wasted already, so the rest was easy. I conferred with her and coaxed her into coming back to the guys and set up a sweet deal for these horny fucks. We presented the idea to them and they were pulling out the green and shoving it down our shirts. We took off on the back of their bikes and headed off for some hot ass fucking fun.

Hookers for Hire

Back at a sleazy ass crack house the guys kept as their “club house” we smoked some blunts, snorted some crank and got fucked hard. Hadley and I started the guys off with a little two girl action making out and stripping each other while cooing the guys on. Well I was slipping my tongue up her sweet little slit as I felt a nice hard cock slam into my sopping wet snatch.

We fucked hard, sucked the cum dry from these guys and drained their fucking wallets and took off with a nice stash of their drugs. These guys were passing out left and right by the time we finished them off. I hailed us a cab and brought my new hooker phone sex buddy home where we divided up the goods.

Phone sex sluts

We made out like bandits.

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