Paying The Tax Man

Drunk Girl FuckingIt had been a great night at the club! I had made a ton of cash but had spent most of it on some candy! I don’t remember too much but I must have been a good night because there was some ugly man sprawled out in my bed, reeking of cum and whiskey!

Maybe if I do a few shots and hit that pipe again, I can get rid of this damn hangover!

It was getting to be late in the morning and I was pretty fucked up again when I heard a knock on the door. Probably that guy forgot something when he left. I didn’t see the need in putting anything on. Hell, he had already violated every fucking hole I have! But it wasn’t him at all. Some suit guy!

I squinted as I looked up and asked him if I could help him. He said that I was past due on my taxes and he was there to serve me with papers to repo. the trailer! What the hell!

I left him standing there and went to the kitchen and grabbed the bottle. The room started to spin so I flopped down on the couch.

He walked over to me and set his brief case down. He ran his hands across my tits and said that maybe we could work something out. I was about to pass out when he shoved his cock in my mouth! I was so drunk, all I could do was lay there. So he flipped me over and stuffed my sloppy wet cunt with that cream stick, drilling me so hard, I thought it would come out of my throat!

He shot that load so deep I could almost taste it!

He didn’t stop until he had dumped his load in every gaping hole!

My lifeless body lay there dripping with thick cream and wet cum farts blowing out of my ass.

He put his papers back in his brief case and told me that I had just bought myself a little time.

He said he would be back in a few days to collect what owed with interest!

I love being a cum whore! Maybe I should hold out on paying for a few more visits!

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