Hookers for hire at the Truck Stop

Hookers for hireI love dirty men. It’s one of the reasons I love going to truck stops and fucking all those tired, sweaty, back up men who just want a hot pussy and a little love for the night. That’s how I found this hot, white, grungy man who looked as if he’d been on the road for weeks. I could smell his sweat  and musk and it just made my pussy wet. “Interested in a date?” I cooed at him across the truckers lounge, leaning forward to show him my cleavage. He just grinned and nodded towards the the door to the showers and bathrooms. I followed him and he showed me the cash he knew I’d want and then lifted me up to the counter, his hard denim covered cock rubbing against my wet pussy as I gasp and ground his pussy against the cloth. I fumbled with his belt, pulling it and the underwear down over his cock and he slit into me with a happy groan. His arms shaking as he just held himself inside, enjoying my hot wet pussy around his cock. When he started moving I moaned as his cock seemed to touch all the right places and he fucked me hard and fast like an animal. My orgasm managing to crash over me as he came inside my pussy.  Him dropping the cash on my sweaty stomach, his cum dripping out of me. Mmm, I love it. Now I just need to shower and go find the next cash and cock at my favorite truck stop.

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