All Night Partying

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I met a girl named Megan while partying downtown last night. She’s my kind of girl, totally hot, slutty and loves to have fun and get high. We snorted coke in the bathroom, made out and danced and drank the night away. The guys were all over us, but none really caught my eye until the end of the night. Sven was different, he was white, tall with broad shoulders and long hair. But, it was his gaze that I noticed. His eyes were piercing, he seemed to look right through me and I just knew he’d be one hell of a fuck.

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Megan thought that he was hot too, and she suggested that we fuck him together. So, we got an Uber and headed to my favorite hotel. On the car ride over, Megan started things off by taking her top off in the car. This girl is a freak and I love it! She was rubbing her tits and licking her nipples, then rubbing mine and trying to get my top off. Soon, we were both topless and our new guy friend was in awe. His boner was huge, so I grabbed it and massaged it through his pants. We didn’t make it to the hotel before he had his cock inside both of us, and our Uber driver got an eyeful!

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