Hookers for Hire

hookers for hireI haven’t been a hooker since I was a teenager, but I’m not making as much money as I used to so I don’t really have another choice. It’s fast, easy money and what can I say? I’m just a fucking whore who loves sex. I arrive at his place and he pushes me to the ground and tells me if I don’t obey every word he says, I won’t be leaving here as pretty as I walked in. I follow his orders, he tells me to go to his bed and play with my pussy and he wants to walk in as I’m doing it. I lay there on his bed, legs spread wide open playing with my wet clit. He orders I shove my fingers inside myself and I do so, I moan as I shove them inside my wet little cunt. He’s had enough and bends my ass over the bed and behinds spanking it. Then, he shoves his rock hard cock inside of my tight hole. “Uhhhh! Uh!” I can barely take his cock without screaming it’s so big. He takes it out of my pussy and shoves it down my throat, I gag because it’s so large and nearly puke all over his cock. He shoots a massive load down my throat and I swallow like the good little whore I was taught to be.

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