Fun at the doctors office

I’m at the doctors office with my brats and of course they are taking forever. I step out of the room  to see what’s going on and I hear giggles from the bathroom. When I open the door, I see the doctor butt-ass naked with a young nurse. They instantly start getting dressed and beg me not to tell anyone. I tell them that the only way I wouldn’t tell is if they let me join, oh and not to have to pay this time. Without a word, they walk over to me and both start taking my clothes off; pawing at me like a play toy. She starts to kiss me and it quickly gets steamy, we’re really going at it. I bend down and start to lick her sweet, young cunt.

Dirty phone sex

She starts to moan so loud that the doctor puts his hands over her mouth to keep her quiet. I’m licking her clit, shoving my fingers inside her tight hole.  I pull her the floor and the doctor stands over her and put his cock in her mouth, she sucks on it greedily. I want some of his hard cock too, I gently put his engorged balls in my mouth. We take turns shoving his hard cock down our throats. He says that he can’t take it anymore..He fucks me first. Shoving his rod inside deep, he flicks his thumb on my clit. I erupt with such pleasure, covering his cock in my thick cum. She hurries over to lick it all off. She buries her head in my pussy. Licking my clit, sticking her fingers inside, fucking me with them. He sucks on my titties, pinching my hard nipples. He picks her ass up in the air and fucks her while she’s still eating my wet cunt. As we all rock back and forth to a rhythm, the door flings open! Standing in the doorway is all of the other doctors and nurses as well as the patients.  

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