Growing up with perves

cum dumpsterWhen you are cut from a trashed cloth that’s exactly what you become. I can’t help it that I come from straight scum. I liked hanging with my trashy family and getting double stuffed by uncle Jimmy Joe and cousin skeeter. Oh my the fun family times I have had. I grew up with perverts left and right. I had plenty of cousins and aunts and everything in between but I was the beauty queen in the family I got lucky and got some exotic looks. My mamma was hooking when she got pregnant from me . I came out with dark beautiful straight hair nice pouty lips. My mamma has no idea if I’m Latina or Greek or Indian. I’m just that mixed beauty in a true trash family. I was bound to garner everyone attention. I filled out pretty quickly unlike my cousins Betsy and pearl. I got big jugs early on. While most of my girl cousins had bucktooth teeth and couldn’t apply make up without getting it in their teeth, I was lucky enough to be a mini trendsetter. I got attention everywhere I went. My hillbilly family opened my sexual peak and made me a cum dumpster. I have been quite shady and have gotten my way with everyone in my path. I guess looks matter even when you are a cum dump.

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