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phone sex lineFreaky phone sex
  If you have been following me you know I call the phone sex line for my fantasies too. I have a thing for trannies. I just can not fucking help myself. One of my callers had me watching shemales with him the other day and i am fucking hooked now. Just last week I had my first real-life encounter with one. And it was so hot. I cant get her out of my head. I find myself masturbating constantly to thoughts of her. So on this particular day i stumbled across a sexy brunette named Suzi. Her page promised me freaky phone sex. Well yes, ma’am don’t mind if I do! She had me doing things I had only imagined before. Suzi made me squirt all over my sheets with her sassy flick of the tongue. Her cock made me feel like my cunt has goosebumps I was as so excited. I can’t wait to find another chick with a huge dick like hers.

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