Double dare

cum dumpster

I never turn down a dare no matter what. I was out and about hanging out with some friends we stumbled upon a tranny bar, and we just wanted to hang out with the hot trannies. I was dared to fuck with one. I had my sights on a hot blonde that was glaring right at me. I couldn’t turn down a double dare, so I took charming Josie home and got acquainted with her cock. There is a first for everything. I had never been with a shemale, so I didn’t know what to expect. Josie was so sexy and hot a tight sexy body. I could feel her cock grow as I got close to her. I got on my knees and gave her the best blowjob ever. I liked having her precum all over my lips and didn’t stop taking her whole till I had her cock entirely in my mouth. Rubbing that load right out. I  got on her beautiful cock and took that whole too. I was going to be her cum dumpster for sure. I never turn down a dare.



anal cum dumpster





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