Harry Potters magical cum

Nasty phone sex     A girl like me is always looking for nasty phone sex. I will go to any lengths to get it too. Since I am a huge nerd and made my way to the local comic con this weekend. Can you guess who I dressed as? Well I won’t give you all of the details but let’s just say Harry Potter is my favorite fictional literature. I have gotten myself off so many times through the years to the thoughts of him fucking me and sticking his magic wand deep inside of my asshole. I know that his invisibility cloak had my cum soaked into it by the time we were through. I bet none of those other Gryffindor girls know how to be a cum guzzling slut like me. I don’t know if it’s the magic in his blood or the magic stick between his legs but Harry Potter has magical cum that I always leave soaked in my panties when we are finished. I sure hope that maybe one day we can have a little mud-blood of our own. Only death eaters believe that us muggles hold no magical power. Well someone better ask Harry because I know that I showed him some tricks tonight that aren’t found in spells or potion books. I wonder what Malfoy or even little Ron would think of the things that I can do. Maybe they can both take me on together what a sweet treat that would be. None as special as Harry is to me though.cum guzzling slut

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