Ground Scored Gash

Drunk girl fucking


What does a cunt craving cock do when he sees a drunk girl fucking passed out right on the sidewalk in front of him?  If he’s smart he fucks the holy hell out of her!  Golden opportunities like that don’t come along very often in life, when there’s some free fucked up snatch splayed wide open on the ground for your utter enjoyment, you just gotta take full advantage of that comatose cunt, everyone knows that!

That’s why I tell all of my girls not to get too sloshed while they’re on the stroll.  These sleazy johns are on the prowl for prossy pussy and if they can find a piece that’s too obliterated to make them pay, then they’re all the happier.  Who wouldn’t want to save a buck when they’re trying to fuck?  I know I try to pinch every penny I get and ground scoring some glorious gash is a great way for a slimy perv to conserve some cool cash. If my bitches blackout while they’re on the block then whatever happens is totally on them.

Take skinny little Melinda, for example.  She’s super hot but chases piles of pills down with shots of Sailor Jerry’s before every shift to “help her get through it” which basically means that she ends up collapsing on the ground at some point during her dick draining dogwatch.  One time I stepped around a corner to find her getting her ass pounded into a storm drain.  She was face down with most of her torso wedged into the grate, bent in a way that made her arch back in what looked like a really uncomfortable position.  She didn’t know, Melinda was dead to the world, she just limply laid there and took every thrust!  Her unknown fat trick was wailing away on her tiny little asshole and pushing hard on her back, really looking like he was trying to stuff her into the drain.  If I hadn’t stepped in, he might have.

I pushed him off of her, made him pay me the fee for extreme anal then sent him on his way before peeling her out of the drain and getting her back on her feet.  She just laughed and said “Oops, I fell down!” and trotted away like a giraffe with vertigo, flailing her long, lanky limbs around as she disappeared down an alley.  I know what you’re thinking and hell yeah, I kept her cash!  I warned these whores, that’s the price you pay when you’re too trashed to monitor your gash cash.  Especially when I have to help you.


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