Got milk?

cum dumpsterI get high and I act irrational. I have a good friend who is the same way. A little liqour and some coke we become the greatest duo ever. We have been at it since our party hard college days. We have no shame in showing off our pussies and being known as the the towns sluts. We look good and we both have had more threesomes than anyone on earth. I can attest to that. We both love being cum dumpsters together. We are a dynamic duo and will make any man weak in their knees. I like nothing more than to give you a nice tongue bath with my best friend. Two filthy sluts slobbing on your knob. Yummy! You can’t resist it can you? Look how your toes curl and you begin to pulsate your cock. Feeling us tease you and playing with those balls has you going crazy. When you dispense that cum we eat it up clean like two pro sluts. Give us that creamy milk.

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